Compliance Corner

On this page, you will find a snapshot of Community Standards at Inspiration. Below, you will find some helpful resources at a glance. If you need any additional information, please get in touch with Anna Wood at

Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee has up to 30 business days to review a modification request; all work shall be completed within one year of commencement. 
Now is the perfect time to submit your upcoming projects! We now have an online form for submissions. 
CC&R Spotlight: 

5.3.b All work shall be completed within one year of commencement unless otherwise specified in the notice of approval or unless the Reviewer, in its discretion, grants an extension in writing. Upon completion of all work for which approval has been granted, the applicant shall notify the Reviewer in writing that construction is complete. The Reviewer may conduct an inspection within 30 days thereafter and notify the applicant in writing as to any deviations or deficiencies noted from the approved plans. If deviations or deficiencies are noted, the applicant shall promptly take such action as the Reviewers has specified in such notice to conform the work to the approved plans.

Basketball Hoop Registration

As a reminder both Permanent Hoops and Portable Hoops require to be registered with the the Inspiration Homeowners Association, Inc. Register your basketball hoops here.

Compliance Letters

Owners can submit a photo or document to close their violations with the hyperlink in your compliance letters. Owners do not need login information; click the link and upload a document/image for the Association team to review and close your notice. 
Please be mindful of doing this within the timeline of your letters per the CC&Rs for the community. 

Fence Stain

The cooler weather creates an excellent opportunity to get out there and check off items on your "To-Do list." That means it's a great time to go out and freshen up your fence stain to bring it back to looking shiny and new. There is only one approved color for Inspiration, and it is the Sherwin Williams: Cedar Bark 351. Keeping up with your fence staining ensures the longevity of your fence and keeps your curb appeal looking great!

Garage Door

Don’t forget to examine the door itself. Wood doors will need to be checked for water damage and warp, as well as chipped and peeling paint, or stained. Steel doors may have rust spots that need to be sanded, primed, and painted. Wash your garage door regularly with a mild all-purpose cleaner at the same time you do your car.


Inspiration is an ownership focused community. The HOA has very specific rules regarding when and how a house may be rented. Below is a brief reminder regarding the policy. The complete policy can be found in the Fifth Amendment to the Community Charter, as clarified by the Eighth Amendment to the Community Charter, and should be carefully reviewed by any owner considering rental of their house.



If you need to replace or repair your Inspiration mailbox in front of your house please contact Brandon Industries at 972-542-3000.

Outdoor Trim Lights

Did you know that permanent outdoor trim lights do require approval from your ARC Committee. If you were unaware you needed approval or life just got busy, please fill out the online application and submit a photo of the lights; the link is below. We will get your application to the committee so they can review it; similar lights have been approved, so we do not expect any issues. 
If you were unaware you needed approval or life just got busy, please fill out the online application and submit a photo of the lights; the link is below. We will get your application to the committee so they can review it; similar lights have been approved, so we do not expect any issues. 

Parking Reminder

Parking multiple cars in the streets has become a traffic concern in many villages, making it difficult to navigate throughout the neighborhood. Please ensure you utilize your garage and driveway before parking in the street. Please remember to be mindful of traffic/parking codes and your neighbors. We want to ensure our streets are safe, easily accessible, and aesthetically pleasing.

Parkway Trees

The most common violations are related to lawn maintenance and the upkeep of parkway trees. Owners shall maintain
their lot, including lawn, trees, hedges, and plantings, in a neat and attractive appearance. Such maintenance shall include regular mowing, edging of turf areas, weeding plant beds, and applying fertilizer, weed control, watering and tree trimming. In addition, diseased or dead trees, shrubs, or landscaping must be removed and replaced within a reasonable time frame.

Parkway trees are required and the property owners’ responsibility to maintain as part of the initial concept and CCR’s of the community. They provide many benefits, including increasing property values, providing natural shade and
windbreaks which help to reduce energy costs, urban noise, and enhance the beauty of the community. Specific tap root trees are utilized in the parkway because their roots grow downward. With proper water and maintenance, there should be no negative effects to sidewalks or utilities
Approved Parkway Trees

Chinese Pistache
Live Oak
Red Oak 
The tree caliper must be three to four inches or match the caliper or match the size of the tree that needs to be replaced. The tree caliper is measured six inches (6") from the base of the tree. No trees shall be planted within 25 feet of a corner so as not to obstruct a future stop sign or light. 

All streets adjacent to a school site must be planted with Live Oak Trees. The Developer is working on some enhancements to this park; within the next month, the ground will be graded and leveled and will be adding native wildflower seeds. 

Pole Lights

Franklin Iron Hickory Point 21 1/2" High Bronze Outdoor Post Light - #09740. Alternate pole lights may be submitted for approval. 
Color should be bronze

Pre/Post Emergent

This is the time to apply pre and post-emergent to your lawns. Pre-emergent is applied before weed seeds emerge and attack seeds before they sprout, and Post-emergent attacks weeds when they have come out of the ground. The granules are effective for about 100 days, so you will need to reapply three months later as a "booster shot." 

Realtor Sign Specifications

Each home may erect one sign no larger than four square feet to advertise the sale or lease of the home upon
which the sign is located. Developer must approve all signs, be in the colors of Inspiration and include the Community logo. The real estate sign must be located on the property of the unit it is advertising and not be placed in any Common Area or on public property. Signs are to be a 36"x 24" standard size sign plus rider and include the following:
  • "FOR SALE"
  • Name of Brokerage Firm
  • Name of Agent
  • REAL TOR® contact name and phone number.
  • "Under Contract" and "Sold" Banners May be added only in Inspiration Colors and must be a rider or magnetic add-on.
  • Open House signs must be professionally made and may be placed in the yard only during the hours of the event.
  • For Sale signs can only be placed in the yard of the house for sale.
  • Only one sales sign per home.
  • No directional signage for open houses can be placed on any part of Inspiration’s property or on any lot within the development.
  • Signs not in accordance with these Sign Design Guidelines will be confiscated immediately and disposed of.
  • All signs must be maintained in a neat, clean appearance. Old, dirty and damaged signs must not be reused
  • No REALTOR® Logo will be allowed on signs within the Inspiration Community.

    Signs can be obtained through:
  • Next Day Signs in Plano at 972-519-1010, 469-628-1160
  • Signarama in Plano at 214-473-8179
  • Signs by Design at 940-440-9192             
  • Visionary Sales at 817-695-1599
  • Or the vendor of your choice


Did you know? It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain and repair minor issues. There are certain instances where the district may cover major repairs (i.e., sink hole below the sidewalk and it caves in). A good rule of thumb shared was: If the builder or homeowner installed it, they maintain and repair it (house, landscape, sidewalk, etc.). If the district installed it, they maintain it (roads, storm system, drainage, etc.).