Community Projects

To keep the community of Inspiration Residential Association, Inc. updated on projects, we have developed a project status tracker. If you do not see an item on the list, let us know by completing the linked form.  

Fitness Center - Leg Extension Machine

During our routine maintenance last week, we identified several cables in need of repair, including the Leg Extension Machine. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
The good news is that replacement parts have already been ordered and will be installed as soon as they arrive. We'll keep you updated on the progress and let you know when the Leg Extension Machine is back in operation.
Update: The vendor will be onsite on Friday, June 14th, to complete the repairs. The vendor was onsite to repair the Leg Extension machine. However, the pully did not arrive. We expect the pully to arrive within a week. 

On June 15th, a resident reported that the leg curl machine that the thigh rest is slipping, we have issued a work order with our vendor to review when they arrive next week to repair the Leg Extension machine. 

As of June 28th the pully has not arrived and is now expected to arrive by Friday, July 5th once it is received the vendor will be onsite to repair the unit. 
Update: The part arrived on July 9th and the technician is scheduled to be onsite on July 10th to make the repairs. 

Fitness Center Downstairs Television

We've contacted Spectrum and the have been onsite already to troubleshoot.  While they haven't pinpointed the issue yet, they're scheduled to return on Friday to hopefully get things fixed! We'll keep the community updated. 

Inspiration Point Gates - Completed

For safety reasons, the gate will be out of service until the Inspiration letters are repaired on the gate near Meziere Sky Dr. and Huffines Blvd. We apologize for the inconvenience and will prioritize a quick fix. The Board will review the estimates at the upcoming Board meeting. 

Update: Following the Board's approval on Thursday, July 18th, our vendor swiftly repaired the gate on Friday, July 19th. The letters have been reset, and the gate is now fully operational.

Licenses Plate Camera - Electricity

The Board approved the license plate cameras on August 26, 2022; the Association team worked with Oncor for several months regarding electrical needs. The Board approved a vendor to secure the needed electrical equipment on February 8, 2023. Oncor recently installed the electricity, and the conduit has begun to be installed the week of October 23, 2023. 
Conduit wrapped up for all entrances (except the large main HOA entrance w/ water wall) along Parker Rd. Aztec, Osage, Main Entrance & Inspiration Point Park conduits were installed. Electricians are scheduled to pull the wire towards the end of this week. 
As of December 14, 2023, we are still waiting for three locations to have electrical installed. We are tentatively working with the vendor to begin camera installation, but we are also finalizing the internet connection. 
The equipment was expected to arrive for the internet provider by Friday, January 19, 2024, and has not yet arrived. We are expecting it early next week. 
Several of the cameras are up and running; we are waiting on a few supplies for the remaining units.
Update: The final permits have been issued and the last units should be completed within the month of May. 

Paradise Arches Unlit

We're aware that the Paradise Arches and monument sign is currently not illuminating. Our team is checking with construction crews to determine the cause.  Once we have more information, we'll issue a work order with the vendor to get them lit up again as soon as possible.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Update: The vendor apologized for the delay, we expect them to be onsite this week. 

Parker Road - Traffic Light

We're happy to confirm that a signal is still very much in the plan. It will be installed in two phases: first, as a temporary solution to keep traffic flowing smoothly and then as a permanent fixture once the construction project is complete.

Pickleball Court Gate - Completed

Heads up, residents! We're aware the gate access system is currently malfunctioning.  Our team is already working with the vendor to schedule a service call to get it functioning again as soon as possible. We'll keep you updated on the repair timeline.

Update: The vendor was onsite on Thursday, July 18th, and was able to repair the gates. Both gates are now operational. 

Right of Row Project 

The project is underway. It is expected to be completed this year and is at no cost to the association.

Prior Completed Projects

Hope Harbor Tile Repair
Heads up, Hope Harbor swimmers! We've spotted some pool tiles needing repair. While the fix requires a 48-hour pool closure, the vendor suggests waiting until the end of the season for less disruption.  We'll keep you posted on the confirmed repair date!
Inspiration Water Wall - Completed
We've noticed that the "I" in the Inspiration sign isn't illuminating currently.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  The good news is, we've already contacted the vendor and issued a work order for repairs.  We expect the "I", "N" and "A" and  to be shining bright again soon!
On Friday, May 3rd, we experienced a temporary issue with the Water Wall. The auto flow feature malfunctioned, causing the water flow to deviate from its normal pattern. Thankfully, the vendor responded promptly and arrived on-site the same day to address the problem. They were able to successfully repair the auto flow feature, ensuring the Water Wall is now functioning as intended.
Update: Great news! The Water Wall repairs are complete thanks to the vendor's visit on July 16th. Expect it to stay off for a few days while the new lights securely bond to the wall.
Meziere Sky Pond - Completed
Heads up, pond fans! The chara issue is being addressed. Our treatment today will eliminate the existing algae within days.  However, there's no magic bullet for long-term control. We'll need to repeat algaecide treatments throughout the season to keep the pond sparkling.