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Safety First at the Pool: New Lightning Detection System!
Posted on Apr 23rd, 2024

We're happy to announce a new safety measure at Club Inspiration this year! We've installed a cutting-edge lightning detection system that sounds an alarm when lightning is detected within a 10-mile radius.
Here's how it works:
  • Lightning Detected: If lightning is detected, an alarm will sound, and all pool goers will be asked to evacuate the pool area and seek shelter inside Club Inspiration.
  • 30-Minute All Clear: After 30 minutes with no further lightning activity, an all-clear announcement will be made, and guests can return to the pool deck.
  • Even more convenient!: For your peace of mind, we've also installed a new widget on our website. Now you can easily check the lightning detection status right from your smartphone! No need to call or wait for updates – simply visit our website and see if the pool is open for swimming. 

    Your safety is our priority. This new system allows us to proactively ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone enjoying the pool at Club Inspiration and Hope Harbor.

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